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In Tubinox, Raw material is inspected before it is used to produce. Only qualified raw material will be put on production to control quality from beginning.

Production processes are controlled to meet requirements of the specification or of the order.

Before any shipment, Products are inspected and tested strictly conforming to relative requirements. Only qualified products are delivered to customers.

Inspections and Tests that Tubinox do:

– Chemical Composition Analysis / Heat Analysis / Product Analysis / PMI
– Tensile Properties: Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation
– Visual Inspection: Dimension Variation, Ovality, Straightness, Surface Condition
– Mechanical Tests: Flattening Test, Flaring Test, Flange Test, Hardness Test, Impact Test
РNondestructive Examination: Eddy Current Test, Ultrasonic & Hydrostatic Test, Air Underwater Pressure Test

Tubinox will issue Mill Test Certificate for every delivery to customers, which is traceable to the condition of products.